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Power, Management, and Leadership

Regardless of the controversy around the numbers of leadership definitions, leadership has a significant relationship with power and management. At the first glance, it is not easy to distinguish the leadership from management and power. People tend to link them tightly … Continue reading

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Complexity Leadership Theory: Adaptive Leadership

Defined by Uhl-Bien, Marion, and McKelvey (2007), the Complexity Leadership Theory (CLT) provides a primary framework that explains the entanglement among three leadership roles, which are administrative, adaptive, and enabling leadership, and also between the bureaucracy and complex adaptive system (CAS).  … Continue reading

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Is International Finance simply “corporate finance with an exchange rate”?

Although exchange rate plays a very important role in financial market of the international communities, it is not necessary to say International finance is simply “corporate finance with an exchange rate.”   Ross, Westerfield, and Jaffe (2008) stated that the basic … Continue reading

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Technology Trend in Today Business: A Brief

As the United States has led the Information Age, the economy of the world has transformed (Mukherji, 2002) in which Information Technology has contributed so well to the economic transformation  by reducing cost and increasing productivity.  This generation witnesses the evolution of the … Continue reading

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Developing a Market Based Solution Focuses on Bottom of the Pyramid

Poverty exists in this globe.  High percentage of poor or low-income people appeared to be in those less developed or developing countries.  Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) market occupies about one sixth of the world’s population (Anderson & Billou, 2007).  … Continue reading

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Strategic Choice Model: Can Mental Models Change?

In an organization, leaders are responsible for their decision on making choices for the direction of the organization.  The most important factor to obtain the best outcome is the consistency and the delivery of the message chosen.  Strategic choice model … Continue reading

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Building Relational Leadership

Considering the development of a relationship between leaders and subordinates, Yukl , George, and Jones (2010) mentioned the Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) theory, in which trust, loyalty, and respect are only developed after the testing phase.  The relationship has gone through the … Continue reading

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