About Phat

Hello Friends,

My family and I came to the United States of America as the political refugees.  I had opened widely my eyes  to the differences of cultural diversity in this society, and to multiple opportunities of the only one paradise of the world in my mind.  In my second home, the United States of America, I have had enormous opportunities to fulfill my dream – the dream of learning and practicing.

Adding to my dream, my father occasionally reminded me “Education is one of the keys for you to succeed in life”.   As a fish once can live in the ocean again, I tried hard, at first, to learn English at night while working in the day time.   It was tough though, however, I well understood the importance of being educated.  “Knowledge is power.” I heard that from somewhere, and believe in what Dalai Lama the XIV once pressed on to the Tibetans that, “One of the main ways of being diligent is to pay particular attention to the pursuit of knowledge.  The world is undergoing an enormous transformation today.  Even in the communist ruled countries, knowledge is considered important” (Dalai Lama, 2006).

I am holding a bachelor and master degree in Computer Science, a Doctor of Philosophy in Management Information System, and I am pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration which I am expecting to graduate in 2013.  Working in the Information Technology field since I was a college student, I am growing and gaining more experience in management, leadership, strategic innovation, and technology.  I am now working for the Dallas Housing Authority and serving as Director of Information Technology Resources.

I consider that I am successful and achieving my dream as my best friend JoAnn Rodriguez said “Wow, it is amazing, you are working up from your empty hands.” Well, I am lucky to have a great family.  In my younger years, I totally got full support from my parents and my sisters, who with me have sacrified and committed to build a new and succesful life in the United States together for many years.  When I have my own family, I gratefully have a great support from my lovely wife, KimPhuong Nguyen, who understands so well my dream and encourages me in every step that I am taking towards my goals.  She is not an ambitious type of person, but she is willing to do everything possible around the house, so that I can save some time focusing on my goals.  She helps the kids (Dollan and Donnie) with their homework and she takes care of their daily activities.  Those are laudable support I get from my incredible family that I am thankful for.


Phat Pham

4 Responses to About Phat

  1. JoAnn says:

    Dr. Pham: You are absolutely right, education is the key that can open many doors. However, wisdom occurs after you step through those doors. I am proud to call you my friend.

    • Ardie Harrison says:

      Phat, a.k.a. Dr. Pham, a.k.a. Dr. Phat, you are so awesome and I am so proud of you. My attraction to you is the innovative nature of your mind and your ability to think outside of the box. While I too held once the title of BF and/or BFF (LOL), I am just proud to call you FRIEND.

  2. NB says:

    Phat — I met you in 2009. I am extremely impressed by your commitment to accomplish all that you set out to do and your ability to actually accomplish them and to do them so well. You have a fantastic family.

  3. Phat Pham says:

    Thanks for your commends. I am thankful to know all of you. Life is just a heavy traffic on a common road. People join the traffic and exit out. I am thankful to be in that traffic, meeting new people, driving along with people, and sometimes saying good bye to others. Different speeds, different mindsets, but we are all friends. Trust, loyalty, and joys leave deep marks in our memories and our hearts, everything else disappears in the dusty road.

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