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I don't have money to share, but I do have a desire to transform our society, starting from the workplace and the local community I serve.

International Finance: Impacts of Global Growth Strategies.

Along with the growth in business, technology and global trading spread the operations of the businesses in the international market. Multinational companies have implemented the growth strategies that changed the international business environment dramatically after World War II as the … Continue reading

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Crisis Management, Total Quality Management, and Organizational Sustainability: The Relationship.

Successful business strategy should include a plan to develop sustainability and competitive advantage. In the process of developing sustainability, thinking and planning is a primary process that provides executives an important step to develop programs. However, how to communicate effectively … Continue reading

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Effects of Internet and E-Commerce in Marketing

Along with the fast development and improvement of the Internet and web service technologies, businesses use search engines, banner advertisements, target communications, paid links, and e-commerce for their marketing needs and profitable opportunities (Hoffman & Novak, 2000).  However, the Internet … Continue reading

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Personalization Process: An Effective Marketing Strategy

Personalization is a process, in which companies individually focus on the customizability of the product or service based on the customer’s characteristics to promote sale and service.  Customization of the product or service based on personal references is, in addition, a … Continue reading

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Complex Adaptive System (CAS) and Leadership in Organizational Change

Organizational change affects every single unit of the organization and its stakeholders including business partners, chain suppliers, and local communities.   As per perspective of the complex adaptive system (CAS) involved in organizational change, small change can lead to large.  In … Continue reading

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Leadership Traits, Personality Traits, and Effective Leadership

Leadership traits are subset of the personality traits (Zaccaro, 2007).  Personality traits and characteristics are defined by many scholars, for example,  as high energy level and stress tolerance, self-confidence, internal control orientation, emotional maturity and integrity, socialized power motivation, and … Continue reading

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Process Orientation Integration: An Application to Today’s Business Strategy

As business regulations have changed and the technology influence to new way of doing business has rapidly increased, many businesses face new challenges.  New business model, therefore, focuses in process orientation which creates complexity and challenges for business leaders rather … Continue reading

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