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International Finance: Impacts of Global Growth Strategies.

Along with the growth in business, technology and global trading spread the operations of the businesses in the international market. Multinational companies have implemented the growth strategies that changed the international business environment dramatically after World War II as the … Continue reading

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Crisis Management, Total Quality Management, and Organizational Sustainability: The Relationship.

Successful business strategy should include a plan to develop sustainability and competitive advantage. In the process of developing sustainability, thinking and planning is a primary process that provides executives an important step to develop programs. However, how to communicate effectively … Continue reading

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Complex Adaptive System (CAS) and Leadership in Organizational Change

Organizational change affects every single unit of the organization and its stakeholders including business partners, chain suppliers, and local communities.   As per perspective of the complex adaptive system (CAS) involved in organizational change, small change can lead to large.  In … Continue reading

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Process Orientation Integration: An Application to Today’s Business Strategy

As business regulations have changed and the technology influence to new way of doing business has rapidly increased, many businesses face new challenges.  New business model, therefore, focuses in process orientation which creates complexity and challenges for business leaders rather … Continue reading

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Relationship Between Leaders and Followers: A Brief Discussion

Many people make mistake to separate leaders and followers.  I think that no matter what position one has within an organization, he/she is playing a follower’s role to support someone else.  Great leaders of an organization are following the profitable … Continue reading

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Discussion on Whether an Organization Owes Responsibility to Shareholders or Stakeholders

There is a normative consensus which suggests the corporation to maximize the wealth of the shareholders’ value.  From the investment perspective, that is true for its purpose because investor wants to profit on the shares.  Moreover, “shareholders control the firm … Continue reading

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Improving Business Ethics and Morals in an Organization – A Responsibility of an Effective Leader

Ethics and morals respectively have its own meaning although, superficially, they are related and referred to the good or the bad.  Ethics “is simply describing how people behave” (Perle, 2004).  However, the ethics at workplace are usually referred to trust, … Continue reading

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